Contract Quality Corporate Wallpaper

These ranges include high-quality, resistant & washable vinyl wallcoverings, with a width of 1.3 meters making it quick & easy to install. The wallpapers are produced specifically for use in hotels, apartment buildings, office buildings, schools and hospitals, and other businesses. They combine the durability and practicality that is required for modern commercial projects while still maintaining the style and design required.

Need any help finding the perfect wallcoverings for your project? Maybe you need something bespoke?

Available Substrates

Paper Backed Vinyl Wallpaper

|| Total Average Vinyl Weight: 300-380GSM || Roll Size: 1.3(w) x 50meters ||

Scrim/ Fabric Vinyl Wallpaper

|| Total Average Vinyl Weight: 400 - 480 GSM || Roll Size: 1.3(w) x 30meters. Inlcudes Non- Woven & Osnaburg Substrates