NEW – Metallique Collection

Whether its to create a look that’s funky and futuristic or classical with a modern twist, metallic effects can really enhance a wallpaper design.

This collection offers the unique visual qualities of metals giving a luxurious and decadent feel to any room.

Choose from Gold, Silver, Copper, Rose Gold, Oyster and Pearl Wallpapers.

A little too simple? This collection comes standard in plains but can be customised by adding a design like a stripe, damask or geometric pattern as see below in the illustration.

Choose from thousands of designs available or ask us to create something special for you using our inhouse graphic design team.

Send us the name of the collection and the reference number of the wallpaper and we will get back to you.

Email us at:

All PDF’s are fully Downloadable and Printable for reference. Problems viewing the PDF, click on the link to view: WCI Wallpapers Pty Ltd – Metallique Wallpaper Range

Download the PDF file .