Contract Range

All our collections of wallpapers for contracts are designed to combine the durability and practicality that is required for modern commercial projects while still maintaining the style and design required.

Choose from hundreds of textures, designs and colourways available. These wallpapers are Vinyls ensuring they offer the highest quality to meet the rigorous standards for contracts.

Not finding what you are looking for? We Custom Print Wallpaper allowing you to create exactly what you are want in any texture, design and colourway. This is printed on Vinyl Wallpaper meeting the same required contract standards.

Send us the name of the collection and the reference number of the wallpaper and we will get back to you. Email us at:

All PDF’s are fully Downloadable and Printable for reference.

Problems viewing the PDF, click on the link to view: WCI Wallpapers Pty Ltd – Contract Wallpapers

VON Collection
AUF Collection
Annika Collection
Toban Collection
Sequins Collection
Rough Concrete Collection
Zenith Collection
Tela II Collection
Malay Collection
Riga Collection
Purlin Collection