NEW Speciality Product – Write ‘n’ Wipe Wallcovering

A dry-erase Projection capable wallcovering supplied by the meter, and installed like a standard fabric-backed vinyl wallcovering.

Transform any size wall into a large-scale whiteboard with capability of been used as a projection screen as well.

There are no size restrictions with this wallcovering making it easy to incorporate into every workspace.

The wallpaper can be customized to include your company logo, slogan, pictures etc..the possibilities are endless.

Great for Boardrooms, Meeting Rooms and Classrooms. Uses normal board markers and easy to clean!

Not finding what you are looking for? We Custom Print Wallpaper allowing you to create exactly what you are want in any texture, design and colourway. This is printed on Vinyl Wallpaper meeting the same required contract standards.

Send us the name of the collection and the reference number of the wallpaper and we will get back to you. Email us at:

All PDF’s are fully Downloadable and Printable for reference.

Problems viewing the PDF, click on the link to view: Write & Wipe Specialty wallpapers

Download the PDF file .