5 Wallpaper Trends for 2021


With 2020 far, far, far behind us we are looking forward to 2021 and what a way to kick it off with our top 5 wallpaper trends. We have been doing this for a while, and most of the time we get it right but expect some curveballs this year!

Before we get started, it is important to always remember trends are often repeated but tweaked slightly, to freshen up the look. We always love to dig deep and really uncover the latest designs and trends around the world. Very often, wallpaper is inspired by fashion and nature, sometimes both at the same time.

It can also be seasonal, with the Northern Countries focusing on more neutral tones during their winter months. A variety of warm and cold beiges, grey on grey and earthy browns and sage. As we move to the middle of the year, you can expect an explosion of colours which we always get very excited about.

1. Hand Painted Wallpapers

We work with a number of artists from around the world and originally their works of art where developed for canvases. Now, we are taking their original hand painted work and creating stunning wall coverings and murals that are tailormade for the clients wall size. Each design is custom printed, and have been used as backdrops for hotel guest bedrooms, restaurant lobby areas and private homes.

Look out for: Delicious hand painted illustrations of a variety of styles and colours.

2. Grey on Grey on Grey

I know, you must be thinking we are crazy but it is a thing. A beautiful use of grey tones to highlight the subject design, but perfectly balanced in its approach. It also offers a wealth of opportunity to add pops of colour with décor items as everything goes with grey!

Look out for: Bold designs that are colourized in different shades of warm and cold grey tones.

3. Architecture and Buildings

What seems to be a developing wallcovering theme, is the use of illustrations of buildings, houses etc. basically anything to do with a building. With the launch of the new Casa Merida collection, it saw the early introduction of this trend as well as with Silvia Nencini’ s hand drawn illustrations.

Look out for: Keep an eye out for architectural designs in the form of illustrations/ paintings and imagery.

4. Animal Kingdom

Monkeys, Birds, Peacocks, Leopards, Elephants…basically the whole animal kingdom is now featuring on wall coverings and murals. But that’s just perfect in our opinion as we LOVE the cute addition of our animal friends, making the wallpaper more homly.

Look out for: Expect the whole animal kingdom in wall coverings and murals this year. Some large, some small, but they are all very welcomed this year!

5. The Money Maker - Faces

Bold, striking facial murals are delivering high impact and well deserved attention. The contours of a woman’s beautiful cheek bones can stop traffic and so does our wall designs that are featuring larger than life faces.

Look out for: A variety of facial designs used to make that maximum amount of impact.

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