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Commercial Wallpapers.

Commercial Wallpapers.

What we do

Understanding Contractual Grade Wall Coverings.

With over 150 years of combined experience and knowledge in the wallpaper industry, we are one of South Africa’s leading specialists when it comes to commercial wallpapering projects.

Understanding the importance of contractual grade vinyl wall coverings is critical to a successful project. Offering wallpapers that are durable, resilient and washable provide Hospitality and Corporate spaces with long standing decorative coverings.

Learn more about Commercial Wallpapers and how we work with Southern Africa’s finest Architects and Designers to achieve beautiful interiors.


  1. What is a Commercial Wallpaper?
  2. Where do you use Commercial Wallpapers?
  3. What is the benefit of using Commercial Wallpapers?
  4. Are there different types of Commercial Wallpapers?
  5. Are Commercial Wallpapers affordable in comparision to painting?
  6. Are Commercial Wallpapers Eco-Friendly?
  7. Where do Commercial Wallpapers come from?
  8. Can Commercial wallpapers be used in high traffic areas?
  9. I am a specifier, where can I get sampling?
  10. I am a designer, can I supply artwork to be printed into wallpaper?
  11. Can you create bespoke Commercial Wallpapers?
  12. How do you install Commercial Wallpapers?

What is a Commercial Wallpaper?

Understanding what a commercial wallpaper is vital for any designer, architect, procurement company and at the end of the day, the client them self.

Also known as contractual grade vinyl wall coverings, these wallpapers are specifically designed and manufactured for Hospitality and Leisure Groups, Commercial and Corporate spaces as well as Retail stores and Restaurants. Created specifically for High Traffic Areas, these wall coverings are produced in accordance to specific performance standards like fire rating and safety standards.

View our Commercial Wallpaper Designs – Spectra Collection

Read more about our Commercial Wallpapers on our blog

What is a commercial wallpaper blog post


Where do you use Commercial Wallpapers?

These vinyl wall coverings are created for public areas and commercial spaces where there is a high amount of foot traffic and durability is essential.

Contractual grade vinyl wallpapers are most commonly used in Hotel bedrooms and passages as well as their restuarants. All areas where style needs to be matched with safety, fire and durability requirements.

Commercial wallpapers can be used in a variety of spaces. We have supplied and created commercial wallpapers for Gyms, Restaurants, Retail Stores and any interior needing a more resilience wall covering.

From a design aspect, we have the widest selection of patterns as well as custom printed vinyl wallpaper options for bespoke finishes. Defintiely on trend, clients utilize neutral plains with feature cusotm printed wallpapers for eye catching feature walls.

Have a look at some of the projects where we have used Commercial Wallpapers – Our Portfolio



What is the benefit of using a Commercial Wallpaper?

Commercial Wall Coverings can be summed up in 5 key benefits. There are:

  1. Vinyl Coating – Commercial wallpapers can be used in a variety of different areas, making them the most versatile wallpaper.
  2. Durability & Resiliency – Contractual grade vinyl wall coverings are made with durability in mind. They must withstand day-to-day wear and tear, but also bumps, scratches, and other physical contact.
  3. Washable – Most contract wallcoverings feature a surface that’s easy to clean and maintain. Key terms offered are “scrubbable” and “washable.”
  4. Contract grade wall coverings contain a Bio-Pruf coating, which is an antimicrobial agent on the treated surface of the wallpaper. What this does is it protects the wallpaper against the growth of mold and mildew, while also preventing bacteria growth. This is incredibly important for areas where their is air conditioning and flutuating tempretures.
  5. Coverage – Our vinyl wallpapers are 1.37m wide which covers a greater surface area when installing. The increased coverage allows for faster installation which is always important under contrained deadliens.



Are there different types of Commercial Wallpapers?

All our contractual grade wall coverings are vinyl coated. The only difference is the backing which can be either Fabric backed, Non-woven, Osnaburg or Paperbacked. Each backing has its purpose but namely it can be broken into two types however we also offer a bespoke custom vinyl option. Namely:

Type 2 – 20oz

Also known as Heavy Duty wallpapers, this is the most durable backing we offer and an industry standard for hotels like the Hilton.

Type 1 – 15oz

Also known as Light Duty wallpapers, these wall coverings can be used in hotel bedrooms and corporate offices and boardrooms.


Our bespoke commercial grade wallpaper for digital printing of wallpapers in hotels, offices, restuarants and retail stores.

Wallpaper vs Painting?

In terms of cost, yes painting will always be more cost effective at first glance however in the long run, wallpaper tends to have a longer life-span so it eventually evens out.

Wallpaper is designed to last, with additional safety, fire and quality standards offered.

In terms of designs and patterns, there is no comparision. Designers and Architects have endless design and texture options that paint cannot replicate at the same cost.

What we do offer is Paintable Wallpapers that are specifically designed for commercial spaces. Why not have a look at our patterns and textures available which can be painted any colour – Paintable Commercial Wallpapers

Is Commercial wallpaper Eco-friendly?

Our suppliers have also taken a leadership role in producing environmentally friendly products. Sellers and Josephson strive to eliminate all solvents, ozone depleting chemicals and heavy metals from our production processes. They produce exclusively on low VOC emitting vinyls and use backing of recycled product whenever possible. Over 90% of their production waste is now recycled into alternate product use eliminating it being dumped in landfills.

All companies now work towards a common environmental goal with a core focus on LEED rating system. Our vinyl non-woven wallpapers are FSC®-certified substrates. This means that the backing papers and non-wovens are wallpapers made from wood are manufactured from sustainably managed forests. The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC®) is an international, private and non-profit-making organisation that campaigns for environmentally friendly, socially acceptable and economically sustainable use of forests and is supported throughout the world by environmental organisations.


Where do our Commercial wallpapers come from?

All our wallpapers are sourced from the leading international manufacturers in the world.

Our contractual vinyl wall coverings are from the leading independent U.S. manufacturer of vinyl wallcoverings for use in offices, hotels and health care facilities throughout the world. Sellers & Josephson is known as the “provider of wallcovering” through their worldwide reputation for excellence. Cultivating a wide variety of high-quality patterns that exhibit creativity and forward on trend thinking, you can be rest assured that their exceptional designs are matched with the highest quality standard.

View there wide variety of commercial designs – Sellers and Josephson Collection


Can you use Commercial Wallpapers for High Traffic areas?

Contractual vinyl wall coverings are manuactured specifically to be durable and scratch resistent for areas where the is a large amount of foot traffic and the risk of damage is high.

Both 15oz and 20oz fabric wallpapers can be used in passages, reception areas, conference rooms as well as hotel bedrooms and general office walls. While these vinyl wallpapers are quite hardy, they are also washable for ongoing maintenance.

Making use of our contractual grade vinyl wall coverings for high traffic areas will ensure the longvity of the covering opposed to using a less durable product like paper. Always think about the long term use of the product, this is critical for any wall coverings.

See our SPECTRA collection which is manufactured for high traffic areas – Spectra Collection

I am a specifier, what about samples?

Don’t worry we have you covered as we understand how important it is to see and touch the wall covering to get its real value.

We offer sampling for all our wallpapers and especially for Specifiers, Designers and Architects. Bigger samples are available on request however our sample books are available on request.

I’m a designer. If I supply the artwork, can you custom print wallpaper?

This is what we do best and have become South Africa’s specialist in digital printing for contractual wall covering projects.

We have worked with South Africa’s finest designers and architects to create bespoke spaces for Hotels, Commercial spaces, Corporate offices, Fitness centres and Restuarants.

With over 150 years of experience and knowledge in the digital wall coverings industry, we have worked on a wide variety of projects throughout South Africa.

Discuss your project with our team, please include your design brief.

Bespoke Commercial Wallpapers.

Printed on commercial grade vinyl wallpaper our custom wallpapers are durable and resilient, suitable for Hotels, Corporate offices, Restaurants and Retail stores.

We have successfully supplied and installed custom wallpapers for numerous commercial projects throughout South Africa.

Artwork can be supplied or we can design a unique wall covering for the project. We assit designers, architects and clients from the design phase and right until the installation of the custom wall coverings.

Understanding the limitations and teechnical information before a project is critical for a successfull project and final project which is created to last for a long time.

Visit our Digital Printing page where you can see some of our past projects and understand who we work for and a little more of the scale of commercial projects we have successfully carried out over the years.

How do you install Commercial Wallpapers?

Installing Contractual Vinyl Wall Coverings differ slightly to your standard domestic rolls of wallpaper as these wallpapers require the product to be overlapped and cut through to close the join.

We have professional and highly experienced teams of installers, who are specialists at what they do. Whether its installing thousands of square meters for a Hospitality or Commercial project, they understand the product and know how it behaves.

We have step by step tutorials that assist clients in installing wall coverings of all kinds. We try to enrich our clients with valuable information about wallpapers and their technical aspects.

However installing wall coverings on a commercial scale is challenging and experience and knowledge is vital for a successful project.

Learn more about installing general wall coverings below or you can contact us for installation. We offer our services in major regions like Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban


Talk to us about your Commercial Wallpaper project.

Get in touch with our Specifier Consultants to discuss your requirements. We offer over 150 years of knowledge and experience in the wallpaper industry, supplying and installing to all regions of Southern Africa.

Send us your details and we will get back to you. We look forward ot hearing from you.


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