Traditional contract wallcoverings

  • Type I and II (350-480gsm0) vinyl is a high-traffic/public areas, hotels, foyers, lounges, corridors, offices, hospital wards and classrooms. The tough and durable vinyl wallpaper is perfect for large scale refurbishments designed to with stand wear and tear as well as been more cost effective.


  • The new European standard is vinyl front with non-woven backing. Easy to hang and remove, these vinyl fronted wallpapers are cost effective for small refurbishments and ideally suited for offices.


  • Durable & washable – Resilient wall coverings designed for high traffic areas.

Digital printed vinyl wallpaper

  • Artwork can be supplied by designers or architects, which we will print on our vinyl wide width wallcoverings.


  • Working closely with designers and architects to achieve bespoke surface features for a vast variety of applications is what we do best. Its custom wallpaper where we provide a creative difference if you cannot find a wallpaper that meets your requirements.


  • Like our contract wallpapers, these vinyl wallpapers are durbale and resilient making them suitable for our hospitlity and leisure groups, commercial, corporate and retail environments.

Bespoke glass vinyls

  • With the increase of open plan offices, the combination of wallpapers and various glass vinyls are more common.


  • That is why our digital printing facility allows for custom printed options on walls and glass. Like custom wallpaper, artwork can be supplied by the design team.


  • Whether frosted or clear vinyls, they offer privacy for open plan offices. We can coordinate the wallpaper with the glass vinyl to create harmonious interior design.

Contract Wallcoverings

We understand how the contractual wallpaper industry has changed over the last 10 years, combining wallpapers, custom murals and glass vinyls in one project. This is why we offer all the wallcovering products and services as well as customisation options making us the first vertically integrated wallpaper company in Southern Africa.

Having one company with all the necessary resources and expertise to carry out all the contractual requirements is advantageous for the client and design team. Starting from the conceptual phase, we are involved all the way to installation.

The wallpapers are produced specifically for use in hotels, apartment buildings, office buildings, schools and hospitals, and other businesses. They combine the durability and practicality that is required for modern commercial projects while still maintaining the style and design required.

Our contract wallcoverings and custom wallpapers are 1-1.3m wide, allowing for maximum coverage. The contract wallpapers come in fabric/ scrim backing and non-woven options, both durable and resilient and perfect for high traffic areas.

The custom printing options available allow for bespoke wall and glass coverings, and with our inhouse digital printing facility the whole concept can be carried out by one company.

We have the following commercial wall & glass covering options:

  • Contract vinyl fabric backed wallcoverings
  • Custom printed vinyl wallpapers
  • Bespoke glass & frosted vinyl decals

Need any help finding the perfect wallcoverings for your project? Maybe you need something bespoke?