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The Ultimate Wallpaper Guide

Tips when choosing a wallpaper for a project

The standard length of a roll of our wallpaper 10.05 metres (11 yards) unless otherwise stated. However we have various rolls sizes so it is always important to look at the size of the roll when choosing and calculating how much wallpaper will you need.

Here is a basic breakdown to help you:

  1. Standard Wallpaper rolls are 10 meters long by 53cm wide. These are what most wallpaper rolls are produced at.
  2. “Double rolls” are rolls that are twice the size of standard wallpaper rolls. They are 20 meters long by 1.06 meters wide.
  3. Commercial wallpapers can vary in size and are normally used for large scale projects. These wallpaper rolls come in 30,40 and 50 meters long and the width of the roll can vary from 1.06, 1.1 and 1.3 meters wide. This type of wallpaper offers a wider coverage and more cost effective which is why it is preferred on large scale hospitality and commercial projects.

We offer our fabric backed vinyl wallcoverings for large scale commercial projects as it is classified as scrubbable and peelable. Do to its touch and durable exterior, these wallpapers are the preferred wallcoverings for large hospitality groups like Marriot and Hilton.

With a vast number of designs available, our fabric vinyl wallpapers are modern and can transform commercial, corporate and retail environments.

The non woven wallpapers are the latest trend in decorating. Therefore, whether you hire a professional, or do-it-yourself, you cannot go wrong using the nonwovens.

Nonwovens are made of a special blend of natural and synthetic fibers, making them washable and breathable. You will find these fibers in many household products such as tea bags, coffee filters, and gauze.

These papers are breathable, which eliminates vapor lock that contributes to the cause of mold and mildew. Because these wallpapers are able to breathe, this makes them a perfect application for kitchens and bathrooms.

These wallcoverings are also tear-resistant. This is a great advantage as the wallpapers will not get torn during installation or removal.

Choosing the right wallpaper for your space is an important consideration. Not only do you want to think about patterns and colors, but you should also consider the installation process, durability, and cleaning procedures.

We pride ourselves in our vast selection of non-woven and vinyl wallpapers. Why? Because they are durable and washable making it suitable for a vast number of environments. The number one choice for international markets.

For instance, grasscloth and string cloth are made of natural and synthetic fibers and provide great texture to a room. However, steam and moisture can easily damage them so they are recommended for low-traffic, dry rooms. Other more durable papers are good for high-traffic areas. Solid vinyl wallpaper is very durable and can be easily cleaned.

Vinyl coated paper is treated to repel water and soil and is appropriate for most rooms. Consult us on your project requirements and we will recommend the most suitable wallpaper.

Generally, in order to calculate how much wallpaper you need, use the following steps:

  1. First, calculate the wall area by multiplying the height of the wall by the width. View our “How to measure my walls? if you are unsure.
  2. Second, calculate the area of the wall you will not be papering (i.e. windows and doors) by multiplying the height by the width of each area you will not paper.
  3. Third, minus the unpapered area from the area of the wall. This will give you the wallpapering area.
  4. Fourth, divide the wallpapering area by the square footage of the wallpaper you would like to purchase. This will give you the total number of rolls needed to complete your project. However, you will need to consider extra paper for the pattern repeat and extra trimmings.

To make this process easier for you, send us your dimensions (height & width) and we can work out the number of rolls you will need to order for your project. We’ve taken the design repeat into consideration when calculating how many rolls you will need.

Alternatively, use the online roll calculator from one of our suppliers to determine the number of rolls required:

WCI Wallpapers Pty Ltd advise that you always consult us before ordering wallpaper as we cannot be held responsible for any incorrect quantities of wallpaper ordered.

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We offer a professional installation service for our clients in most regions across South Africa, however we also understand if you want to get a little creative and transform your home.

Installing wallpaper may seem a daunting task but modern wallpapers are designed to be easily installed and removed, perfect for do it yourself projects.

We have provided you with a couple of handy tips and videos when it comes to installing wallpapers.






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