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How to Measure.

Where it all starts. The most important detail to any wallcovering or custom printed wallpaper/ mural project. Measuring your wall is easy if you just stick to the basics which we have provided to you below to guide you. All we need is the width and height of the wall at the longest and widest possible points. If you need help, that’s what we are here for. Ask us.

Step by Step Instructions.

Firstly, you’ll need to measure the height of your wall. Start by measuring the height in the center of your wall. Please note, this doesn’t include the crown molding or skirting boards. Once accurately measured, make a note and do the same with both the left and right sides of the wall.

Why are you measuring in more places than one, you ask? Because walls aren’t often perfectly square!

If there’s one measurement that’s larger than the others, use the highest point. It’s better over measure than fall short on the day of the installation!

Secondly, it’s time to measure the width of your wall. Similarly, to above, start by measuring the width of your wall in the center then measure towards the top and the bottom of the wall. Make a note of your measurements then select the largest one.

To make this process easier for you, send us your dimensions (height & width) and we can work out the number of rolls you will need to order for your project. We’ve taken the design repeat into consideration when calculating how many rolls you will need.

Video Tutorial.

Visual step by step guide.

Here is a visual guide to measuring your walls. You can send us a rough sketch or ask us to come inspect the site for you just to make sure nothing is overlooked.

If you have windows and doors, just include them in your width or height as this will be wastage unfortunately.

WCI Wallpapers Pty Ltd advise that you always consult us before ordering wallpaper as we cannot be held responsible for any incorrect quantities of wallpaper ordered.

More complicated walls.

Understanding what type of wall you are dealing with is very important. Measuring it correctly is critical. Here we have a few examples of different shape walls and how to tackle measuring them.

Standard wall

All you need to do is measure the full height and width of the wall, including all skirting and cornices. Always remember to add at least 10% wastage regardless it you measuring for standard wallpaper or a mural.

Sloped Wall

Measure the width and height of the greatest lengths on your wall only, ignoring any slopes on the wall. Remember your wallpaper or mural will be calculated on the full surface area.

Pitched wall

If you have two slopes, take the highest point of the wall as your actual height and measure the widest point of the wall. Ignore the slopes, the wallpaper or mural will be calculated on the full surface area.

walls with doors and windows

When you have doors or windows simply ignore them and include them in the measurements. This will be considered as wastage when calculating your wallpaper or mural. Again, we take the full surface area including the windows and doors.


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