Modern Wallpapers – Scandinavian Designs


Modern Wallpapers – Scandinavian Designs

With such a rich heritage and unique sense of style, Scandinavian Designs are quickly setting the trend for modern wallpapers across the globe. We absolutely love their creative take on modern wallpapers, combining colour and distinctive patterns that are extinctive to the Scandinavian culture.



We have singled out two collections from our Swedish supplier, Borastapeter, to feature as they represent everything that is Scandinavian Design. Both modern wallpaper collections can be viewed at this link: Scandinavian Designers 1 and Scandinavian Designers 2

Modern wallpapers by Scandinavian designers are a unique collection in which we put classic Scandinavian designs on the walls. This collection combines twelve distinctive and original patterns from the foremost designers of the 1950s: Arne Jacobsen, Sven Markelius, Karl Axel Pehrson and Stig Lindberg, and made them into wallpaper.

Putting timeless designs on your walls is what the Scandinavian Designers II collection is all about. An unique opportunity to decorate your walls with a piece of classic Scandinavian design. The modern wallpapers collection features patterns from no less than five different designer icons within architecture and pattern design during the 1940’s – 1960’s. Browse through the characteristically timeless, geometric functional style of Arne Jacobsen, the decorative fairy tale patterns of Stig Lindberg, the Jobs sisters’ treasure chest of classic, flowery patterns and the stylish, sketched foliage of Viola Gråsten. All of the patterns in the collection have a natural, colourful and imaginative touch that make them a perfect complement to the understated, clean Scandinavian interior design. Classic and contemporary have never been more to the point.

You can view all the collections from our Swedish supplier Borastapeter at this link. Contact us for more information about our modern wallpapers via email at

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