Various Paintable Wallpaper Specifications

We have two types of wallcoverings that you can paint on:

  1. FibreGlass which is a fiber glass fabric for over-painting and is  extremely durable which can be painted over repeatedly. Particularly recommended for areas where special wear-resistance is required, e.g. in offices, corridors, staircases, and locations such as hospitals, commercial practices, hotels and boutiques.
  2. Paintable Wallpapers are wallpapers which are textured and can be painted over to match the desired decor. Suitable for commercial & residential projects (offices, hotels & general public areas).

How does paintable wallpaper work?

Proven & simply good. Our collection of paintable wallpapers has some of the most beautiful patterns & textures which provide walls with format. Printed on a special non-woven substrate, this wall covering is specially suitable for being painted creating endless design possibilities.

Once installed, we recommend painting with a standard PVA from Plascon or Dulux. Please note sufficient drying time of the wallpaper adhesive is required prior to painting. A minimum of 3-4 days waiting time in an ambient climate should be followed to avoid the wallpaper from bubbling once paint is applied.

After you’ve painted your wallpaper, you can paint it over and over again to change the color as desired. We recommend up to 4 paint changes per wallpaper life cycle.

Wallpaper Installation

We offer a professional installation service in all major regions in Southern Africa as well as Africa with all our wallpaper purchases. If you are needing installation please send us your location and we will get back to you with a quote.

Struggling to find a wallpaper for you?

We have a license with deposit photo which means if you find something you like from their image library, we can create a wallpaper from that image. Send us the image (preview, thumbnail or link).

Or send us your artwork and transform your designs or photos into bespoke wallpapers. We are here to assist and provide advice as digital specialists.