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Platinum is considered to be one of the costliest precious metals worldwide. It is used in vehicle engineering, dentistry and the creation of superb-quality jewellery. Our beautiful wallpaper PLATINUM collection can transform your own four walls into true gems. Whether you choose a relaxed “used look” or a raffia weave in all the colours of the sunset – this collection offers a wide range of fascinating wallcoverings for use anywhere in your house or apartment.

Platinum features the stunning colour highlights described above. However, the mainly matt collection is based on quieter shades, such as the combination of gold and tobacco, elegant taupe or a harmony of white and cream with accents in rust.

All the wallcoverings in the Platinum collection are made using the intaglio printing process and are hot embossed. Temperatures of 200 to 220°C are reached in the “gelling dryer” in which the dyes are heated. Fine structures are then incorporated with a water-cooled steel roller. No other printing process can create precise lines and patterns of this type. The wallcoverings made in this way are also extremely robust.


The beautiful wallpaper collection consists of four main motifs, and we also offer a fine loop design that can be combined with each of these. The first set is actually a combination of two patterns: a very realistic concrete structure and a woven design reminiscent of mosaic tiles. 

The third set strikes a more graphic note: A large diamond with a concrete surface gives the wall a feeling of structure and calm. The card is completed by a wallcovering that looks like the grain of a centuries-old tree. The richly three-dimensional effect is created by special embossing.

“High quality wall coverings designed to create luxurious environments.”

The second motif not only looks like raffia matting; it is also barely distinguishable from the real thing when you touch it. The design is actually based on real raffia. The colours in this set are particularly stunning: a potpourri of oranges, reds and violets, blended as in a water-colour painting, stands out from the collection, as do the enchanting greens and blues in all the shades of a mountain lake, or the combination of nutmeg and curry. 





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