The Top Wallpaper Designs inspired by Interior Design Trends for Spring 2018



With Spring in the air, colour and texture are in full swing. Following House Beautiful UK’s  Top Interior Design Trends for Spring 2018 (Source: here are our top wallpaper designs to ensure you on trend for Spring.

1. Embellishments

Macrame, fringing, tufting and feathers – These textures can be found in cushions, throws and accessories and also Wallpapers. It’s with our variety of linen wallpapers that the textile wall finish, which has been so popular this year, can be achieved. Our Raffinese collection from Rasch Textile collection is full of textured lined wallpaper designs in very colour and pattern, perfect in every way to match that sumptuous throw or beautiful tactile cushions for the sofa. View the collection here: Raffinese Collection


2. Ice Cream Colours

Bright and bold colours have always been a big favourite amongst designers to create a focal point in a room. Gelato colours are the trend for both interiors and fashion this year. Wallpaper is a great way to achieve this, as we have the perfect palette of ice cream colours to choose from. Our new Bombay collection from Marburg is the perfect range of wallcoverings to add colour to a single wall, or if you feel brave, all the walls to create a burst of colour. View the collection here: Bombay Collection

3. Geometrics

Geometric designs are all about tiles, wallpaper and art, which is lucky for you that we have a basket full of Geometric wallpaper patterns to create bold, striking walls. Considered for more modern offices or homes, our Geometric collection from Seabrook combine contemporary patterns with sophisticated colourways and a touch of metallic’s. View the collection here: Geometric Collection

4. Foliage

Earlier this year we talked about “Green is the new Black” and this trend continues to keep going and nor more so than with Indoor Gardens. Complement your indoor greenery with some foliage for your walls. Big, leafy designs just bring life to your walls and immediately bring a sense of earthiness to any room. Our Jungle Jive Collection from Hooked on Walls, encapsulates everything to do with this trends. View the collection here: Jungle Jive

5. Indigo Blues

Another colour trend is inky blues in various textures and styles. While this trend can be simply achieved with a wallpaper we think our blue marble custom  wallpaper really celebrates the diversity of this colour with all the various shades of indigo in one abstract wallpaper. This is custom printed wallpaper that can be printed to any size wall. View the collection here: Marble Collection